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We are a club based in Hamilton Ontario. Our Club meets weekly on Tuesdays over zoom currently.


Feel free to visit the contact-us page to join our meetings if you are curious about the club, joining, or have suggestions!



We typically hold a few annual events of our own, but we volunteer for our sponsor Rotary Clubs often, things near and dear to our members hearts and in our community fairly regularly.


We also adopt a park we clean monthly through the spring & summer months.

Keep updated on our blog or sign up for the volunteer list to get e-mail blasts when we have events upcoming!


Given the age range of our group we understand that life can be hectic and not everyone is able to make a full commitment, so you can choose to be as involved as you want!


You can attend meetings to have input, or strictly just to attend our fundraisers & networking events.


We keep our group updated through email/group chats, and video conference! You can also choose just to volunteer with us for the many events we help others in the community with each year by being added to our volunteer e-mail blast.


We are always collecting for various charities and organizations.


Food, clothing, toiletries and monetary donations are accepted year round.


You can donate to us directly to help us fund our various charity involvements (we are a zero-profit club) or you can choose one of the projects we are working on!


Being a group of mostly Post-Secondary students and young professionals we also focus on networking and making those connections that are so important to our future careers.


The Rotary Clubs of Hamilton and Ancaster (our sponsors) are full of wonderful mentors in so many different fields, they are always fantastic for advice and guidance.

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